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Water Efficiency

Flow rates in plumbing fixtures

The past 20 years have seen significant water savings due to new plumbing fixture flow rates. The federal government established maximum flush volumes and flow rates for toilets, showers, faucets and urinals.  A host of Green Building Initiatives and programs have also accounted for positive water conservation techniques. Water use has dropped nationwide at around 1% per year. For example, in 1992 a maximum toilet flush rate was put into law and it saved the country *18 trillion gallons since 1992. That's enough water to supply L.A., Chicago and N.Y. for twenty years!  The reasons for replacing your outdated plumbing fixtures should be more then just "good looks", you can be part of the water solution rather then part of the problem! Call our Plumbing Pros here at Custom-Air, Inc., we can show you the way to water savings for you and our community.

*Information from The Alliance for Water Efficiency, a non-profit organization.
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