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The coolers on the chart are mostly single inlet coolers. Mastercool and Aerocool are the best if you insist on sticking with evaporative cooling. The "Other" column is a combination of mini-ductless split systems, window units and side-wall units. It's interesting data, twenty years ago it was probably 50-50 coolers/conversions! We believe folks are getting smarter, by that we mean instead of throwing away $1500.00 to install the same type of cooling they already have, they are making their home's value go up. When you convert to refrigerated air you get a return on investment worth more then the conversion installation cost! Many people love to have their windows open in the summer so they keep evaporative cooling because it allows doors and windows to remain open. The maintenance issues associated with swamp coolers are obvious to anyone that owns one. Being able to just push a button and have heating or cooling is nice! So comfort, no maintenance and the value of your home increasing is really very compelling arguments for refrigerated air.

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Over the last 30 years we have seen just about everything you could possibly think of in the residential heating, air conditioning and plumbing business. The one thing that is consistent is the filtration system problems people have. In every home that has forced air heating and cooling there is a filter. It is amazing to us how many problems we run into on a daily basis that are caused by a simple dirty filter. Not only does it cost money for a technician to come to the home, the electric bill is considerably higher then it needs to be. Not to mention the decline in equipment longevity.

So...we began to design a phone App for our customers to use and we had a great idea! Why not give our customers a way to be reminded to change and/or clean the filtration of their heating and cooling system? We sat down with On Top Web Designs and they finished the app,  see our front page to download it free.

Home Performance

Introducing our new Home Performance Division

Complete home energy solutions

Save on energy bills with Home Performance

At Custom-Air, Inc. we have homes and energy bills we need to pay. We took those homes and experimented with the idea of Home Performance and how we could pass this along to our customers. Heating and cooling, whether refrigerated air or swamp cooler, is the number one culprit of high electric and gas bills. We thought it was time to do all we could with the whole house, not just the mechanical, to save energy.

Attics that are poorly ventilated cause major heat loads. This area of your home can climb as high as 200° fahrenheit. The heat load this causes is putting a strain on the systems that condition the air. We used a radiant barrier, fans and insulation to get rid of the hot air and now we are only 10° above the ambient temperature.

In one of our homes we calculated that there is more square footage in the attic then in the living space. With vaulted ceilings there is more cubic feet of air and it expands, is superheated and penetrates down into the home through leaky areas like electrical outlets, light fixtures, etc. Another strategy was to upgrade the attic ventilation and get rid of the superheated air. Turbines and electrical fans on a thermostat did the job nicely! We estimated that it resulted in a 35% to 45% reduction in air conditioning cost after all this was installed. We removed the heat at it's source. Winter of course the idea is to keep cold air out, by insulating, covering the fans and installing the barrier the natural gas prices dropped 30% to 35%.

Sure, twice a year you have to put on/take off the fan covers and pay for the initial installation, but think of the return on investment! The easiest part of all this is picking up the phone and calling us for a free initial Home Performance consultation. Or you can go to our Contact Us page.

Bryant & American Standard

Bryant and American Standard are 1 & 2 with Consumer Reports

Ask for the ones with the least reported repairs!

Bryant or American Standard

You can't go wrong

Bryant & American Standard

Of all the manufacturers in the world Bryant and American Standard have the least repair calls of all. This is according to Consumer Reports. These two are actually less expensive then some of the "more popular" brands. So your installation by Custom-Air, Inc. will not only be will be priced right.