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A central air conditioner is a quick and painless project for us!

We always show up when we say. We will install your central air conditioner with integrity. Some companies give you a workmanship warranty of 1 maybe 2 years. We go one year beyond any of our competitors. That's because one of the owners is always on your project. That means you not only can trust us in your home, you can trust the central air conditioner will be installed correctly. That is more important then a lot of people think...refrigeration is a complicated gas; it needs to be meticulously  checked for leaks and pressure/temperature relationships must be ideal. Sending just any worker over to install this type of equipment is not a good idea. We always suggest folks get several estimates and check BBB and Google for reviews.  The number one reason to go with a central air conditioner is comfort. There really is no comparison to evaporative cooling. You walk into a home in the middle of July with central air conditioning and you know it right away! The second reason is maintenance, you see the homes all over town with that white stuff coming down the roof. You are constantly on the roof for some reason on those things. You can push a button on the new thermostat to get what you want...heat or cool anytime. The third good reason to install a central air conditioner is home valuation. Every home we have done has gone up in value, let's face it, a home with refrigerated air is a more valuable home! So you can keep dumping money into a swamp cooler every year or spend a little now to convert, you'll save in the long run. Your electric bill will go up, we are not going to "sugar coat" it, it will go up. However, the units now-a-days are more efficient then ever and actually save you money on yearly maintenance and repair  cost. It's important to remember a swamp cooler is "ON" if you are home...a central air conditioner satisfies the thermostat and shuts off for a while. Estimates are done by the owners, so you will see Rick or Dave and estimates are FREE...call today (505)994-0103.

World Plumbing Day

World Plumbing day was March 11th, 2014. The World Plumbing Council made this day not as some big atta-boy for us plumbers but to let people know how important our work is. This planet is only 1/3 land, the rest is water! All that water must mean we have plenty right? Wrong. We have read that only two percent is freshwater and a bunch of that is in glaciers and the ground. The countries that don’t have the resources we take for granted have to struggle every single day for some of that water. The reason you can go in the kitchen and get what you need anytime is because of the work and services of plumbing engineers, architects and plumbers. We can help by installing products that save water, every little bit helps. We at Custom-Air, Inc. heating, cooling & plumbing are going to start showing some of these products to you on a regular basis. Our goals set forth in our “goals” category include being leaders in our industry. To do that we will continue to make sure our New Mexico customers are kept up to date with product and service information. A good place to start is Tankless water heaters. The high effenciency units save energy and install easily.

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