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Over the last 30 years we have seen just about everything you could possibly think of in the residential heating, air conditioning and plumbing business. The one thing that is consistent is the filtration system problems people have. In every home that has forced air heating and cooling there is a filter. It is amazing to us how many problems we run into on a daily basis that are caused by a simple dirty filter. Not only does it cost money for a technician to come to the home, the electric bill is considerably higher then it needs to be. Not to mention the decline in equipment longevity.

So...we began to design a phone App for our customers to use and we had a great idea! Why not give our customers a way to be reminded to change and/or clean the filtration of their heating and cooling system? We sat down with On Top Web Designs and they finished the app,  see our front page to download it free.

Refrigerated Air SEER in 2015

Minimum SEER for Southwest…14


Here we go again, "big brother" has stepped in and changed the SEER rating standard yet again. 14 SEER is really the least we should be putting on our homes anyway. There is still a return on investment over a 13 SEER. We will be searching for the manufacturer that gives the "best bang for the buck" on the 14 SEER. Meaning, quality and price will go into our customer's home! It is a very competitive market right now and we know customers are looking for the best deals when converting to refrigerated air. Custom-Air, Inc. promises to install quality while keeping our prices as low as possible.

Minimum SEER

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Salt or Salt-Free water softeners

Salt or Salt-Free water softeners

What's for you?

Water softeners come in all kinds of different brands and abilities. The best people for advice on which system is right for you are the experts that can analyze your water. Testing can be as simple as a D.I.Y kit from Home Depot or involved testing by Sedeco of Albuquerque. A local plumber is not usually equipped for such a task. A Plumber like Custom-Air, Inc. will install the system for you, but normally not equipped to pick which one is right for you. There may be plumbers that can test your water correctly to recommend a system, however we do not and will only recommend Sedeco. We've had customers that purchase their own water softener and we installed it, we just can't guarantee it is the correct choice. All of our work is guaranteed, just not the system itself.

Hybrid Heat Unit

Hybrid Heat by American Standard

Cool and heat your home with the most efficient package unit ever!

The most comfortable hybrid heat machine on any roof!

The American Standard Hybrid Heat package rooftop product is the most efficient way to cool and heat your home. The heat pump gives off a very comfortable warmth in the winter and when the temp drops too low the gas heat takes over so the system doesn't skip a beat. The 14 SEER rating on the cooling side gives you efficient refrigerated air in those hot summer months! The thermostat comes with an outdoor temp sensor to tell the unit exactly what to do.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE 

More plumbing products.

Custom-Air, Inc. Plumbing & Heating Products

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We are continuing some very special plumbing deals

Ask us for special plumbing deals we have throughout the year. At Custom-Air, Inc. we're not just heating and cooling guys. All your plumbing needs can be met with the same trusted customer service that our HVAC customers have enjoyed for years. From a simple faucet repair to a new construction home. We give the same warranty promise that  will beat any competitor workmanship warranty by 1 year. Let's say you got a bid from company "x", "y" and "z" and they gave a two year workmanship warranty, well....we give three!  The reason we can do this; one or both of the owners (contractor) is always on the job so you know someone who cares and has a real vested interest in the job being done right.

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Blutooth shower head

Dyson hand dryer



Our main mechanical goals remains the same

To be the best residential installation company!

Striving to be the best!

In business it's important to keep moving forward. We believe the goals for mechanical we set are not for just a destination but an evolution. Sometimes there are factors that have negative impacts on a business. The last four or five years have been tough on the country as a whole. We at Custom-Air, Inc. have put everything personally into our business to keep it going, all the while maintaining A+ customer service.

This year our heating, air conditioning and plumbing sections took on some lofty goals for mechanical. We started bidding on large commercial projects. Our focus on homeowners has not changed, in fact it has been better. We have added strategies that not only impact our new goals but enhance the original goals we made 15 years ago!

Our main goal has always been and will remain trust. When you invite someone into your home there is always some form of trust going on already.  Rick and Dave remain personally involved in every residential project. That means from showing up at your home to give you an estimate to completing the work and showing you how to use it. We are there all the way! No salesman here, just us. In this industry we need lots of help and the installers we choose to help us are trained very well and are at the top of their game!

Our goal also includes being better than any other company. If the goal is to be as good as any other, let's just close down. We want to be recognized as leaders in our design, our installations, our service and our quality! 

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We are number 1

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