Solar Energy & HVAC Systems

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We were at one of our customers today and he had $20,000.00 worth of solar panels and equipment installed a few years ago. He did not pay taxes for three years because of government incentives he applied for and got. He has sold his electricity back to the grid and receives over $100.00 per month every month since installation. That includes the summer months when he has two refrigerated air units running. So he not only has NO electric bill anymore they PAY him!!!  OK so it will take some years to get the $20k back but if you figure two air conditioners running six months of the year thats $300 per month for the bill, then the $100.00 he gets for selling the electricity that over $2000.00 just for the summer months. Figure half of that for winter and that’s paying off the solar system in five years! There are also solar panels now that can be directly connected to your refrigerated air. Ask us about it! CLICK HERE
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