Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans, electric attic fans and turbines

Options for you to cool your attic and save on energy

Benefits of a well-ventilated attic.

There are many different ways a well-ventilated attic can save on your energy bill. The movement of air to get rid of the heat and hot air to reduce the temperature. Superheated air seeps into the home through openings causing the air conditioning to work harder. Proper ventilation cools the attic floor, attic ducts and interior ceilings.

Solar Attic Fans and Electric Attic Fans

Solar attic fans are easily installed and use little or no energy. When we do a heat load calculation on a home with an attic we calculate about 40% of the design on high attic temperatures. Properly ventilated attics call for reduced size which saves money on the initial installation cost. For existing systems the reduced load will create longevity and energy savings. The thermostat gets satisfied faster and the home maintains the temperature longer. With such savings realized by a simple thing like attic fans, we are not sure why all homes are not required to be built with proper ventilation.

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