Our main mechanical goals remains the same

To be the best residential installation company!

Striving to be the best!

In business it's important to keep moving forward. We believe the goals for mechanical we set are not for just a destination but an evolution. Sometimes there are factors that have negative impacts on a business. The last four or five years have been tough on the country as a whole. We at Custom-Air, Inc. have put everything personally into our business to keep it going, all the while maintaining A+ customer service.

This year our heating, air conditioning and plumbing sections took on some lofty goals for mechanical. We started bidding on large commercial projects. Our focus on homeowners has not changed, in fact it has been better. We have added strategies that not only impact our new goals but enhance the original goals we made 15 years ago!

Our main goal has always been and will remain trust. When you invite someone into your home there is always some form of trust going on already.  Rick and Dave remain personally involved in every residential project. That means from showing up at your home to give you an estimate to completing the work and showing you how to use it. We are there all the way! No salesman here, just us. In this industry we need lots of help and the installers we choose to help us are trained very well and are at the top of their game!

Our goal also includes being better than any other company. If the goal is to be as good as any other, let's just close down. We want to be recognized as leaders in our design, our installations, our service and our quality! 

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We are number 1


We are number 1

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We are number 1

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