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Water Efficiency

Flow rates in plumbing fixtures

The past 20 years have seen significant water savings due to new plumbing fixture flow rates. The federal government established maximum flush volumes and flow rates for toilets, showers, faucets and urinals.  A host of Green Building Initiatives and programs have also accounted for positive water conservation techniques. Water use has dropped nationwide at around 1% per year. For example, in 1992 a maximum toilet flush rate was put into law and it saved the country *18 trillion gallons since 1992. That's enough water to supply L.A., Chicago and N.Y. for twenty years!  The reasons for replacing your outdated plumbing fixtures should be more then just "good looks", you can be part of the water solution rather then part of the problem! Call our Plumbing Pros here at Custom-Air, Inc., we can show you the way to water savings for you and our community.


*Information from The Alliance for Water Efficiency, a non-profit organization.

Kohler…Just wave your hand, no more germs.

Kohler introduces new touchless toilets

Moms asked and Kohler answered


When moms told Kohler they were worried about germs on toilet handles the company did a little something about it! They came up with a touchless toilet, just wave your hand over it and it flushes. There are several models and a kit that changes existing toilets to touchless.

Salt or Salt-Free water softeners

Salt or Salt-Free water softeners

What's for you?

Water softeners come in all kinds of different brands and abilities. The best people for advice on which system is right for you are the experts that can analyze your water. Testing can be as simple as a D.I.Y kit from Home Depot or involved testing by Sedeco of Albuquerque. A local plumber is not usually equipped for such a task. A Plumber like Custom-Air, Inc. will install the system for you, but normally not equipped to pick which one is right for you. There may be plumbers that can test your water correctly to recommend a system, however we do not and will only recommend Sedeco. We've had customers that purchase their own water softener and we installed it, we just can't guarantee it is the correct choice. All of our work is guaranteed, just not the system itself.

World Plumbing Day

World Plumbing day was March 11th, 2014. The World Plumbing Council made this day not as some big atta-boy for us plumbers but to let people know how important our work is. This planet is only 1/3 land, the rest is water! All that water must mean we have plenty right? Wrong. We have read that only two percent is freshwater and a bunch of that is in glaciers and the ground. The countries that don’t have the resources we take for granted have to struggle every single day for some of that water. The reason you can go in the kitchen and get what you need anytime is because of the work and services of plumbing engineers, architects and plumbers. We can help by installing products that save water, every little bit helps.

We at Custom-Air, Inc. heating, cooling & plumbing are going to start showing some of these products to you on a regular basis. Our goals set forth in our “goals” category include being leaders in our industry. To do that we will continue to make sure our New Mexico customers are kept up to date with product and service information.

A good place to start is Tankless water heaters. The high effenciency units save energy and install easily.

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We are continuing some very special plumbing deals

Ask us for special plumbing deals we have throughout the year. At Custom-Air, Inc. we're not just heating and cooling guys. All your plumbing needs can be met with the same trusted customer service that our HVAC customers have enjoyed for years. From a simple faucet repair to a new construction home. We give the same warranty promise that  will beat any competitor workmanship warranty by 1 year. Let's say you got a bid from company "x", "y" and "z" and they gave a two year workmanship warranty, well....we give three!  The reason we can do this; one or both of the owners (contractor) is always on the job so you know someone who cares and has a real vested interest in the job being done right.

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