HVAC filtration

HVAC Filters

The filters shown here are pretty typical of the ones people buy and put in. If you look at the one in front you probably think it's cheap and it won't work as good as the others. In a filtration way, you would be correct! The problem is all of the others restrict the air flow too much. That's right, the one in front is the most efficient filter in this picture. The others will certainly filter out more stuff but they also restrict the air to the point you are paying more on your electric bill. You need to change them out more often as well. So save your money and just purchase and install the cheap ones. The most important thing is to change them. We go to homes to service more units because of the filter then any other reason. We have a phone app that doesn't take up any memory at all and it will remind you to change your filter. Try it today! Download it

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Get your furnace tuned up or replaced before December.

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Call today for a free estimate on a new high efficiency furnace that will save you money in the long run. Most furnaces return the value by lowering the gas bills within 4 years. There are a lot of factors the contribute to this number but most new furnaces are paid for by the 4th or 5th year. Not to mention safety and peace-of-mind for you and your family!

Air Conditioning Albuquerque

Air Conditioning

Heating & air conditioning always seems to be the least popular subject of homeowners. We have seen million dollar homes with horrible air conditioning systems because the homeowner and builder didn't seem to care about that aspect of the homes build. Duct systems too small or even too big for the equipment, equipment not sized properly, refrigeration not charged correctly, etc. etc. The home is beautiful but uncomfortable to be in. We spend most of our life in our home, we should be the most comfortable at home then anywhere else!!

Bryant & American Standard

Bryant and American Standard are 1 & 2 with Consumer Reports

Ask for the ones with the least reported repairs!

Bryant or American Standard

You can't go wrong

Bryant & American Standard

Of all the manufacturers in the world Bryant and American Standard have the least repair calls of all. This is according to Consumer Reports. These two are actually less expensive then some of the "more popular" brands. So your installation by Custom-Air, Inc. will not only be quality...it will be priced right. 


Did you know that Custom-Air, Inc. can install a new furnace and add a coil for future refrigerated air? That’s right, we can add a little box to the furnace and you are ready for a future refrigerated air conversion. No need to do it now, save up and do it later, but you can have your new high-efficiency furnace now!