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Dirty air conditioning filters

Filtration issues

This is the time of year we get called out to customers homes that have forgotten about their filter. We know how it is! Life is busy and the HVAC system has been doing well so it is not on the mind. Thing is, every time the filter is dirty you pay more on the electric bill and the longevity of the air conditioning condenser drops as well. Once it gets too dirty it freezes the system. If this has happened to you and you are reading this we can help...without a service call. Take the dirty filter out and put in a new one. Go to the thermostat and turn it to off, except for the fan switch, turn it from "Auto" to on. Let that run for a few hours then try cooling again, you should be good to go. If not something else is wrong, call us! Lastly, download our filter reminder app so that your smart phone reminds you to change your filter.

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Air Conditioning Refrigerants 

More info on the EPA phase-out of R-22


The feds are at it again with changes to air conditioning refrigerants. In 2017 it will be 14 SEER only and no R-22. Well, that’s not entirely true! You can still get the R-22 for your old systems but you will pay! The average cost of a jug of R-22 refrigerant is approaching $700.00. Which means you could pay as much for a major repair on your system as you could on just purchasing a new one. Not to mention the efficiency of a new system will pay for itself. Let’s all be smart and check into replacement before spending too much on repairs.