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We were asked for references sometimes in the first few years of business but then after that it became very rare. Air conditioning, heating and plumbing involves folks being in your home. I don't know about you but I like to feel comfortable with the workers that are in my house! I needed some sheet rock work done and didn't feel like doing it myself so I got some bids. The first guy showed up and leaked oil on my drive way, the second guy had to put out his cigarette and fumble through six inches of crap on his vans dashboard. You of those vans you see and wonder whats going on back there! The third one treated my wife like she wasn't there and only wanted to discuss things with me, boy was that a mistake, my wife could do his job if she put her mind to it. This got me thinking about my HVAC company. I'm going to strive to keep vehicles and personal appearance presentable and if my guys smoke, do it before or after the job! I get it, we are busy guys but that's no excuse. I will always welcome constructive criticism from my customers and hope they tell us where and how we can be better.

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Trustworthy air conditioning contractor
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Trustworthy air conditioning contractor
Trust is important, so are first impressions. Air Conditioning company Custom-Air, Inc. strives to do both well.
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