VRF (variable refrigerant flow)

Variable Refrigerant Flow VRF

Commercial ductless split with simultaneous heat/cool

variable refrigerant flow system

VRF air conditioning

Variable refrigerant flow or VRF systems allow energy savings by adding varying DC currents to allow for varying refrigerant flows. Instead of the compressor being just on or off, it can put the correct amount of flow to an area to cool or heat it and only just enough, thus saving energy. It can be heating one room or "zone" while at the same time cooling another. Claims of 55% savings over a conventional system have been maintained.  Better control over the building's climate are enjoyed by building management.

VRF's come in two pipe or three pipe systems. The three pipe systems have the ability to heat and cool simultaneously. The zones that are cooling are extracting heat from the zone, this heat is utilized in a zone calling for heat. Three pipe systems cost more to install but realize more energy savings, paying for the extra over time.

There are many different types of indoor units, the images above give some reference. Visit www.lg-vrf.com for more info.

Special Pricing and Designing Required

HVAC/Mechanical engineers