Cooling Albuquerque

Cooling Albuquerque during the summer months is our main business.

We do heating, cooling, plumbing & refrigeration. Cooling is by far the most important part to get right!

At our company cooling Albuquerque is our busiest season. Sure, we do a lot of plumbing and heating but summer time is the hardest on our work schedule. With this information our potential customers sometimes expect our prices to raise accordingly. We do not do that at Custom-Air, Inc. You will get better prices when you do things in the off season, that's because we get better pricing from our suppliers. We promise that just because we are busy, we will not take advantage of your wallet. The same outstanding customer service and best pricing policy will always be maintained.

You can also be confident about who is in your home doing the air conditioning or plumbing work. Just check out our 1000's of previous customers or you can check with the BBB. You will find that we do not tolerate a customer that is not satisfied. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that if something is bothering you about the work, we will immediately fix the issue to your satisfaction. Guaranteed!

cooling albuquerque

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