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The air conditioning systems of the twenty first century are getting better and better as is all technology. You have systems that can be controlled by your smart phone and systems that can simulteaniously heat and cool at the same time! That's right, one room can be in cooling mode and another in heating mode...pretty awesome stuff. Let's face it though, unless you have someone smart enough to tell you what you really need it's hard to make a decision on what to install. That is where Rick and Dave shine. We don't sell anything we would not put in our own home and we make sure your return on investment is correct.

Is my air conditioner ready to be replaced?

We do not sub out our work to third parties and we do not drop off employees and "hope" they do good work. Rick or Dave (and most of the time both) are on the job to make sure the installations go the way we would do our own homes.

Custom-Air offers our customers any brand they choose. We will suggest a brand and system to fit your needs if you do not have a preference.

Wondering if your home needs a new air conditioner? Take a look at how much you've spent on repairs over the last couple of years. How old is the unit. You can have one of us check out the efficiency.

The minimum SEER rating now is 14 SEER, if your current system is 10 SEER or less, chances are it's time to replace it.

If your current system is R22 refrigerant and is costing you money to repair, it is probably ready to be replaced.

refrigerated air conversion

rooftop packaged air conditioner

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Heil equipment

We definitely found a winner here! The thickness of the panels on these units are in the top three for sure. We love the way these are built and as soon as we started installing them for refrigerated air conversions we were amazed. They are built very well and we receive no callbacks due to manufacturer errors. The engineering is sound and the installation process smooth. The costs of name brands such as Lennox, Carrier and Trane are considerably higher, which means the cost of the installation is higher. We would rather put in Heil then these in our own homes! Superior builds and less cost? A no brainer.